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Lash & brows

Looking for something thick, long, and full? No, not me, find my personal collection of lashes here!

weight gain

Looking to be a stallion or a triple thick milkshake? Well look no further, shop here to make those dreams a reality!

badd luxe 

Get the latest in Baddie fashion by shopping my personal favorites!


about me.

From the beginning, I lacked self-confidence in many areas of my life and I always felt like I was too skinny, too tall, my ears were too big, and my teeth weren’t straight enough. Society has a weird way of making you feel like you don’t belong. 


One night my cousin called me “Trish Badd” and I loved the name, it stuck like glue. Every time I got dressed or did my makeup, she would call me that and it made me feel beautiful. I felt like I could literally take on the world lol.


In my opinion, Trish Badd is an EGO, a PERSONA, a FEELING you get when you look in the mirror and smile and dance. Being “Trish Badd” isn’t about the way you look, but the way you feel inside. Anybody can be Badd. When you’re feeling your best, that’s when you’re a Baddie. It’s your CONFIDENCE, your WALK, your SMILE, your INNER GLOW. It’s not about your physical traits, it’s about the way you carry yourself. 

In the midst of me finding myself, I came across weight gain pills & syrup. Before I knew it, I gained around 65 lbs. and it gave me the extra boost of confidence that I was looking for. Of course, with the extra weight I wanted a bigger butt (phat ass), so I began taking pills to make my butt plumper. I finally had the external appearance to match my internal confidence. 

“Trish Badd” the brand started when I branched out and began selling the same products that helped me. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of girls boost their confidence through the sale of my products or simply telling them my story on how I became “Trish Badd”, and now I’m bringing these items directly to you! 

My hope is that my products or even my story will help motivate anyone who needs it. Now let your inner “Badd” out and enjoy the ride!

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