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Weight Gain Syrup

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After a couple years of taking the weight gain pills, I wanted to try out the syrup and did a review for the syrup. The smell/taste of the syrup wasn’t that great, but I was determined to gain more weight especially feeling like my body was used to the pills I needed something new. Th first week taking the syrup I believe I gained more than ten lbs. which was crazy to gain so much weight. But again, with taking something new your body needs to adjust to new substance. 

So, I was sleepy again I was very very moody, it was like starting all over again I did my calorie tracker again a started to gain weight and rapidly. I went from wanted to be 150 to 155 to 160 to 165 to finally I wanted to be at 170 and decided that was a great weight for my height I’m 5’10 so I’m pretty tall.

I was comfortable with my weight and slowly got off the weight gain syrup and pills all together and I’m still holding my 170 and haven’t took the syrup in almost 2 years.

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