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Weight Gain Pills

So, starting off taking these pills I was not very consistent at the beginning. It was making me very sleepy and moody, so I was inconsistent. But my weight got lower and lower finally I decided to take It seriously and within my first week I gained close to ten lbs., with Great excitement I believed in this product. I downloaded the “my fitness app” to help me track my calories to gain as much weight as I could.

You will need to consume 3000 calories a day to gain one lb. so that was my daily goal. I went from 103-135 fairly quickly. The key is consistency. While eating everyday its best to try to eat healthy and workout so that your weight distributes to the right areas and not just your belly. That is a big mistake a lot of people make including myself at first. When I got to my goal weight I stopped taking the pills and almost immediately lost the weight not all but most what I had to learn is that my body isn’t use to this weight or my new eating habits so when I wasn’t hungry anymore I lost the weight you will have to slowly get off the pills but I recommend you being consistent with them at least for six months. For the weight will stay on.

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